Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bring your own bike lane!

The Light Lane. Given the expense of building bike lanes (not that they shouldn't be built, mind you), this might be a possible solution--especially since this lane would go wherever you want to go.

(Hat-tip: Clusterflock)

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lehommeaulevelo said...

For starters Bike Infrastructure is Dirt Cheap,does not cause Wear and Tear on Roads.Cycle Lanes are not expensive and are badly needed in a lot of Cities around the World. This Cycle Lane Portrayed in your Picture is to Small it should be at least 2 1/2 Metre or 7 Foot wide and preferably segrated from Motor Traffic. with these narrow Cycle Lanes it encourages the Motorists to forget the 3 1/2 Foot avoidance Rule and they come on top of the Cycle Lanes and often even over the Line on top of the Cyclist. What we need is Cycle Infrastructure as good as the Netherlands nothing less. In Ireland and UK we have very Narrow Cycle Lanes like those in your Picture and we are trying to Pressure our Governments to improve things for us.They promise much but Proceed at a Snails Pace,instead they look after the Motoring Lobby.