Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Very short notice . . .

Just received this e-mail from Greg Standifer ("gcstandifer AT gmail DOT com"):
. . . I wanted to see if you think anyone would be interested in getting together for a city ride tonight. Ryan Duzer, a passionate biker, is riding across America and is making a stop in Wichita today. I'm meeting up with him this afternoon to show him around and offer a bed for the night (he usually sleeps on picnic tables).

I sent a message to the Facebook Bike Wichita group, but wondered if you thought it was appropriate for your blog too. Let me know--email [me]. http://ryanvanduzer.com/

I have to stay close to home today/this evening, but I hope some of you can join Greg and Ryan today.

And, in case anyone's interested: I'm well--just very distracted by various things. Look for some posts later on this week.

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