Monday, January 18, 2010

New places to visit

Via Kansas Cyclist and River City Cyclist, here are some new-to-me area cycling blogs . . . and a bike-powered delivery service:

Adventure Monkey. Eric is an avid cyclist and photographer in Emporia. His pictures are chiefly landscapes, and most of them are of the Flint Hills and other Kansas-y places.

Cycling and CX. David is in Newton and describes his interests this way: "I teach debate and love cycling. I talk about those things."

Vélocourier Wichita. Serves much of central Wichita during the daylight hours of the business week.
I'll be posting links to these folks in the appropriate places in the right gutter.


Robert said...

Welcome back !! I noticed a link back thanks for the plugs as always :-)

John B. said...

Thanks for the welcome back, Robert. This weekend I'll be doing my weekly round-up of local blogs, so expect a virtual stampede of readers headed your way.