Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'll be posting more, my pretties . . .

Image via Andrew.

This is mostly an excuse to post this iconic image of the antithesis of bike-commuting--and wouldn't you know it, it would be an image from the first thing most people think of when they think of Kansas.

(I suppose we should be fortunate that there is very little cycling in In Cold Blood . . . )

But, sans the grim visage, note that in this picture there are some things that today's Wichita bike-commuter can envy and perhaps even relate to: Miss Gulch's upright position; the practical rear rack, the fact that her environs are so safe she feels no need to wear a helmet; a wariness, if not loathing, of dogs little and big . . .

As Jacob Boheme says, to know good, one must also know good's opposite.

Anyway. To come either today or tomorrow: a report on this weekend's Readers' Rides and a rather haphazard round-up of links to things that, slothful cycle-blogger that I've been of late, I just hadn't gotten around to posting here.

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Chris said...

Why does today have to be so darn windy! :)
I am planning on being there today at 1 at the big arkansas river park. It's 12.5 miles from my apartment to the park one way. So I am planning to leave about 11:30a. Temperature should be nice. The wind may be a deal breaker for me though :) If it's hovering at around 21 mph I may not make it. It's supposed to be out of the south which is ok but on the way back it will be out of the SSE punching me in the face on the way back. I *loathe* kansas wind. I really need to get a bike rack for my car.