Thursday, October 9, 2008

Planet Bicycle #3: Hey, you neighborhood associations

Dream this:

Except: this is no dream. It's a viable, vibrant city.

Yes, it's Amsterdam again, from Amsterdamize by way of Carbon Trace. We can't build this . . . but surely here and there in Wichita--or just about anywhere--it would be possible to create a several-blocks area with the feel of this space. Old Town on good days occasionally has this feel, though with fewer bikes . . . why not other places in town? Delano District, I'm looking at you in particular.

More on this later.


amsterdamize said...

John, in case you get another opportunity, I have better and more insightful videos for you:

- John Pucher’s presentation “Cycling For Everyone” (a video of his power point presentation of his study of cycling in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark)
- David Hembrow’s blog, a UK expat and cycle tour guide in the Netherlands (great info, video, on infrastructure in particular)
- Cyclemania’s posts about their 2 weeks cycling trip in the Netherlands, a great account of how people from abroad (in this case Canada) perceive our cycling facilities

And a few other videos I shot on the subject:
- Saturday Transit
- Critical Mass
- Les Velos d’Amsterdam
- To The Supermarket


John B. said...

Thanks for coming by, and for the links to the videos. I look forward to watching them.

I can't help but feel that if citizens participating in the planning process, early on in their deliberations, were to see films like this, it would re-frame (for the better) how they visualize what their neighborhood could feel like--its ambiance. This is especially true of the Delano District, given what I see as the incongruence between what they say they aspire to achieve and the specific proposals made to try to achieve that. But, to talk about all that will require another couple of posts . . .

acline said...

I remember an old poli sci professor of mine saying (over and over again): change is incremental. An opportunity missed on one project is a sad thing. But there will be more projects. And more video. And more bloggers. And more riders. We may even live to see it.