Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be careful. We're out there.

Just a quick acknowledgment that everywhere I go of late, not just in my part of town--which has what I'd guess is the heaviest bike traffic in Wichita--cyclists of varying levels of seriousness are far more numerous on the streets than last year. That's good.

What's not so good, though, is when--as I observed last night--a whole gang (by which I mean a half-dozen at least) of these folks think it's okay to just sort of roll out of the alley by the Society of Decorative Arts building at the intersection of Seneca and McLean without checking for oncoming traffic . . . one of whose number happens to be the author of this blog.

Had I hit one of them--how would that be for some irony? Right up there with semiotician Roland Barthes' crossing a street against the light and being run over by a truck.

This isn't meant to be a Dumb/Ignorant/Careless Cyclist post. It's more in the vein of those "It's the first robin of the spring" posts combined with those "Look out for little kids because school's back in session" PSAs. Well, that, and a "Gee--both McLean and Seneca (at least between Kellogg and the river) could really use dedicated bike lanes" post.

It's great to see all the cyclists out there. Really. But cyclists, let's do what we can to keep some of you around long enough to learn the rules of the road and ride accordingly. And motorists: Patience.


Anonymous said...

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acline said...

Yep. Lots of bicyclists out there. That is a good thing. But... Just returned from my office with video from 30 minutes of observing a 4-way-stop intersection in downtown Springfield. I made a video of each bicyclist that passed through the intersection. It ain't pretty. I'll be posting it soon -- perhaps this evening.

mike said...

Everyone needs to be careful or there will be fodder for those who don't feel that cyclists should be on the road.

Anonymous said...

Hey i talked to you a while back about the Wichita Bicycle Collective, just wanted to let you know it's been slowly coming together ( and we've got a table at the WSU green earth fest tomorrow if you wanna stop by and say hi. We seem to be very much on the same page here and should probably be joining forces eventually. bike traffic safety seminars, anyone?

-Michael James

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read this book?