Monday, April 6, 2009

Road class 1

Over at Carbon Trace, Andrew has posted a podcast (13 minutes) in which he interviews two instructors of the Road Class 1 session, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. Some of the commentary is Springfield MO-specific, but I could tell, just from having listened, that I would benefit from taking such a class. Moreover, it's perversely comforting to learn that . . . how to put this delicately . . . examples of bad riding habits are to be found everywhere.

Anyway--I hope you'll give a listen, if you have the time. Alternately, if you've gone through one of these courses yourself, I hope you'll share your experiences in the comments.


coppercorn said...

I took Road 1 from a LAB-certified instructor in Southern California when it was still called "Effective Cycling" - over 10 years ago. It just solidified what I had learned from bike commuting for the previous four or so years and reading Effective Cycling on my own, but the instructors have a few tips that you might not pick up right away by yourself. Good class.

Jeff said...


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Anonymous said...

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