Sunday, July 13, 2008

A cyclist's death in Wichita

From Kansas Cyclist comes this story of a cyclist who on the night of June 12 was struck at an intersection not far from where I live and who eventually died of his injuries on July 5. The accident happened at McLean and Central, which locals know is a roundabout where Meridian also intersects.

The following, I hope will serve as a reminder that traffic laws and signage aren't just for motorists and pedestrians:
Investigators determined the SUV driver had the green light at the intersection, and witnesses said [Kevin] Keller ignored the “Don’t Walk” pedestrian traffic signs. The driver of the SUV won’t face charges because Keller was determined to be at fault in the accident.
UPDATE: As Anon. notes in his/her comment below, this is a somewhat risky intersection even for motorists, because of the odd angles at which the streets intersect there. Cyclists passing through there would be well advised to observe the lights and WALK signs--especially at night--and proceed with caution.


Anonymous said...

I have crossed that right turn lane many times and one must be cautious there. It is important to stop and wait until you have the walk sign. Also be very aware because with that being a through lane for people continuing north on Mclean many drivers are not prepared to stop there.

John B. said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Anon.

I will add in the post proper something I'd thought about when I first wrote it: that I'm no fan of that intersection even when I'm in a car because of the odd angles at which those streets intersect there. I live fairly close by, but I have no reason to go that way via bike--the bike-paths along the river in that area serve me just fine.

Again, thanks for your comment.