Thursday, July 31, 2008

WAMPO Survey

Via Kansas Cyclist comes news of WAMPO's General Transportation Survey.

And please note, out-of-towners: "Incidentally, this survey is not limited to Wichita residents, so if you have a few minutes, please take the time to advocate for improved bicycle, pedestrian, and mass-transit on behalf of our friends in Wichita."

You know what to do.


Peter Janson Paggi said...

Thanks for the link. It'd be really great to see Wichita turn into a town where people can legitimately get places via bicycle or foot. I've started walking when I need to make some trips down Rock or Webb Road, and I notice how unfriendly the city is to pedestrians in addition to cyclists. The town is definitely set up for a car-oriented society, even though most places are within ~10 miles or so of each other, if that. It'd be great to see a change in the next couple of years.

p.s. I was previously posting as Pete P., but I guess I can log in using my Google account name, so that's that.

John B. said...

Hey, Pete.

You're most welcome, and I agree with you: geographically, this city is very well-suited for becoming bike-friendlier. I hope some other folks feel that way, too.

rebmoti said...

I think most people in Wichita are used to driving wherever they need to go, no matter how near it may be, and if there isn't convenient parking within a block or so, they won't go. If I drive downtown I like to park a couple of blocks away and walk the rest of the way, but there's rarely anyone else walking.