Monday, July 21, 2008

Choose 2 Bike in Wichita?

Some more advocacy news . . .

Last week I ran across a program called Choose 2 Bike, co-sponsored by the city of Kansas City (MO) and five local bike-dealers. The idea is that contestants write in to tell how they would use a bicycle. Their contest ends on July 25th; four winners will be selected next week. The winners will be given a new bicycle, helmet and a lock and key; they will agree to make short trips around town between August and October and blog about their experiences. The idea is to raise awareness in the city about cycling's potential for things other than recreation or the Tour de France.

Anyway, I sent an e-mail about all this to Doug Kupper, the director of the Parks and Recreation Department here in Wichita, asking him about the possibility of doing something similar here. I received a brief e-mail from him this morning in which he expressed interest in learning more.

I'll let you know if I hear any more from him. In the meantime: I hope that any of you familiar with Choose 2 Bike will leave a comment here regarding your impressions of it.

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