Wednesday, September 17, 2008

50-state Bike-Friendliness Rankings

The League of American Bicyclists has just published a ranking of the states in terms of their bike-friendliness. Kansas ranks a surprising 25th, ahead of all its contiguous neighbors except for Colorado. That said, those of us who live anywhere west of Lawrence know that urban areas can do much more to improve that ranking.

Follow the link to an interactive map to get explanations for each state's ranking.


rebmoti said...

Lawrence isn't so great either - look at Kansas Cycling today. We were up there and although we didn't have our bikes we kept an eye on how we would've biked, and it didn't look much more promising than Doo-Dah. Maybe Hutch is really good for biking - bring the average up a bit!

John B. said...

Kansas Cyclist also had a recent story about Salina's wanting to become more bike-friendly, too. It may be that folks in the provinces will end up showing us city-slickers here in Wichita how it's done ("provinces" and "city-slickers" being relative terms, you understand).