Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Wichita cycling blogosphere grows!

Written by Chris, who appears to live in the College Hill area, Random Chaos is a brand-new blog. Its maiden entry, from Monday the 8th, concerns a ride he took down Douglas to West Douglas Park and back. He's very detail-oriented; he includes information on his heart rate and even on his cadence.

Chris already is a serious cyclist; here's hoping he keeps spreading the word via his blog as well. I hope you'll go over and make his acquaintance. And of course, if you have or know of another Wichita-area cycling blog, I hope you'll let me know. The more of us are out there in the blogosphere posting on our experiences, the more we might get others to be thinking about cyclists before they see us out on the streets.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Thanks for the plug John!

After finding and reading your blog, you are the one who motivated me to actually use my blog account.
So thank you for leading the way in blogging about Wichita cycling. It's really great to be able to find other cyclists in town this way. Be safe and ride on!