Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cycling in Wichita Readers' Ride #2

(Assuming, of course, I still have readers . . . )

I'm still here, and I hope y'all are as well. Let's try another Readers' Ride--two, in fact--and ride the Arkansas River bike path. My hope with scheduling two rides is to accommodate more folks who might be interested.

On Saturday, October 4, at 9:00 a.m., let's meet at the trail's southern terminus at Garvey Park (the corner of Washington and Galena); we'll ride to the trail's northern terminus at 21st Street Park.

On Sunday, October 5 at 1:00 p.m., we'll meet at 21st Street Park and ride south.

These will be easy rides in terms of their pace; the idea is to meet other like-minded folks and their families and Significant Others. Cycling in Wichita can be a lonely business at times (the activity, I mean--not this blog); it's good for all of us to be reminded that we are not so alone as we sometimes feel while we're riding.

I look forward to seeing you this Saturday and/or Sunday.


Russell Arben Fox said...

John, I'm sorry that I haven't stopped by for a while. I wish I could say I or my family could do this, but the timing doesn't work out: on Saturday we have some weekly obligations that use up our mornings (and then in the afternoon/evening I'm committed to a daddy-daughter date), and on Sunday we're usually occupied with church, especially at that time. Darn. We really need to try to work a joint bike ride out, before the weather turns towards winter. Perhaps during the fall break coming up?

acline said...

Yes... you still have readers.

And I've ID'd another AWB :-)

Peter Janson Paggi said...

Looks like I won't be able to make this month. I'll be back in New York for the weekend. Hopefully it'll be a good ride, though!

Chris said...

I will definitely be there Sunday! I would show up Saturday too but alas my work hours dictate I am up to late to do morning activities :)

I am looking forward to it!

Chris said...

John, BTW when you say 21st Street Park, do you mean sedgwick county park?

John B. said...

Thanks for the question. 21st Street Park is located in a triangle of land formed by the river, 21st Street, and I-235. Sedgwick County park is farther to the west.

Bryan G said...

I am afraid I will not be able to make it this month John. I was hoping you would schedule it on a Saturday because I had too skip church to ride at last months from grove park.buuvohay But then, I just found out today that I do have to work tomorrow until noon.

John B. said...

I'm sorry you had to miss. But not to worry--we'll have more Saturday rides.