Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back, and a couple of announcements

I'm back from my (really) extended weekend, and I hope your holiday was at least half as restful and pleasant and bratwurst-filled (there went the diet for a couple of days) as mine was.

While I was away, two folks informed me of new-to-me activities in the area that Wichita cyclists might appreciate knowing about:

Randy of Wichita's Coasters' Bicycle Club sent me this via e-mail:
4th Annual Midwest Bicycle Fest

Sunday, September 28th
10:00am - 4:00pm

Riggs Park, Haysville, KS

Free Family Fun!
Come Talk, View and Ride, Custom, Antique and Unusual Bicycles.
Contests, Door Prizes and People's Choice Awards.
Free Hot Dogs and BBQ.
Kids Crafts.
Win a custom Bicycle.
Ride the 7 Passenger Conference Bike and More
That sounds like great fun. I hope that some of you will be able to make it.

And, in case you didn't see this in the comments for the previous post, Michael posted this:
[J]ust wanted to let you know the Riders of Rohan meet every Friday at 7pm at The Vagabond on Douglas in Delano and ride all night. Kinda like critical mass but every week! and it's a gang... I'm traveling until October but the rest of the gang should still be meeting up. check it out, hope to see you there when i get back to town!
Orc- and Uruk-Hai-hunting on the streets of Wichita on Friday nights?? If I only had a sword . . . and a headlamp for my bike . . .

As for me, I'm way behind on blog-reading; as I run into things that seem post-worthy, they'll be making their appearance here later on


Chris said...

Argh! Why am I just now finding out about this blog and rides like Riders of Rohan! Where/when will you be riding this Sunday John? Ill definitely be up for a sunday ride!

coppercorn said...

Well, get a headlight! The Cat-Eye used to be a good inexpensive one.

John, I was looking at your commute route and do you sometimes come south on Oliver from north of Pawnee to George Washington? Twice now (including this morning) I have seen a fast-moving cyclist there, he crosses over to the left at the underpass and I can't tell if he is hopping up on the bike path entrance there or turning onto GW.

John B. said...

Chris and Coppercorn,

I'm sorry I've been away from here--other matters have distracted me.

Chris, thanks for visiting and for your interest in the Sunday rides. I think the 28th will be the next one, but I'll also be scheduling one for Saturday the 27th to accommodate those who can't make it on Sundays. I'll post something to that effect in the near future.

Coppercorn, I last rode out that way on Thursday, and in any case my route takes me to George Washington before I reach Oliver--there's no need for me to go that way. Thanks for asking, though.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. So I stumbled across your blog today. I too commute to work, though my commute is MUCH shorter than yours. But looking at your route on the map I're my neighbor! Literally.

John B. said...

Welcome, neighbor. Drop me a line if you're so inclined.