Thursday, May 14, 2009

A cautionary tale

Need some, um, persuading as to the efficacy of bicyclists' wearing helmets and obeying traffic laws? Here you go.


The Jolly Crank said...

What killed that cyclist was not want of a helmet, it was dangerous riding.
Bicycle helmets are not designed to protect your melon if you collide with a van and are thrown. A motorcycle helmet MIGHT have made a difference--but no one is advocating that. That said, it is cheap insurance/assurance, however flimsy, to wear a helmet (and I often do). What will save my bacon, though, is riding in a predictable, visible manner and obeying traffic laws.
I've practiced that for over a quarter century of riding a bike in traffic without an incident.

coppercorn said...

That link, while a horrible story that made me shudder, is not a pro-helmet argument since from the way the crash was described the cyclist would have been killed even with a helmet. It is a pro-obey traffic rules argument.

IOW, I completely agree with the commenter above.

John B. said...

Well, yes to both of you: hence the "and obeying traffic laws" part of the intro. to the link. I agree that what's far more likely to keep cyclists alive are simple prudence and alertness.