Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday-Morning bicycling music II

Image from Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

"I Love Watching You Ride Your Bicycle," The End of Science. First I've heard of them, too. But a pretty good post-rock song, if you're into that sort of thing. And hey: it's a free and legal download, too.

Band website; page.

Also via Copenhagen Cycle Chic: From somewhere in India, this remarkably-composed picture by Flickr user Meanest Indian:

For lovers of images of a truly bike-friendly place, Copenhagen Cycle Chic is the place to visit--it will make one wistful and/or check travel package costs on Expedia. Very true: Copenhagen is even further away from Wichita in terms of its cycling culture than it is geographically. Looking at that blog, for your correspondent, is somewhat akin to Moses' getting to look at but not actually enter the Promised Land. But he envisions a future for Wichita when at least some sections of the city (parts of downtown, for example?) could kinda sorta look like that faraway place.

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