Friday, August 1, 2008

Planet Bicycle

Marc, from, and Marie from Copenhagen Cycle Chic, on the streets of Amsterdam, talk smack about the bicycle cultures of their respective cities:

Amsterdamize Bicycle TV : Riding With Marie from Amsterdamize on Vimeo.

I think that for us Wichitans--well, okay: for this Wichitan--the best description of our mood while watching this would be a sort of sad wistfulness. Still: something to aspire in the general direction of, if not actually to.

(Hat-tip: Cordelia)


Amsterdamize said...

Thanks for re-posting that, John.

Proven fact is safety (as that is the biggest cycle issue in the States) comes by numbers. If more Wichitans see 'normal people in normal clothes on normal bikes' it will inspire them to consider to do the same. Once that's going up, town/cities have no choice but to accommodate what the people want/need. Sure, this doesn't happen overnight, and there needs be some sort of political and public will to push this ahead, but if can happen here, there, everywhere, it can happen anywhere. :)

John B. said...

Thanks for the visit and the affirmation. But thank you for that video and a glimpse of what a city at ease with bicycles sharing the road with cars could look like. This may sound strange, but it was calming just to watch--I can't imagine what actually riding around in such a place would feel like.

Just as you say, increased numbers will increase general awareness of cyclists and cycling issues--and right now, increased awareness is something I'd gladly take. It's certainly cheaper than bike-lanes.