Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let's meet, shall we?

UPDATE: Welcome, visitors from Douglas and Main! Please consider yourselves invited to join me/us on Sunday as well.

What do you have planned for Sunday, August 24, at 9:00 a.m.?

If you're in the neighborhood and are able, I hope you'll consider riding over (or bring your bike(s) if you drive) to the trailhead on Hillside (just north of 27th Street) at Grove Park to meet me and whoever else might show up. Bring family/friends/Significant Others for (weather permitting) a morning of meeting and greeting me and fellow visitors to this blog, and a (very) relaxed ride either around the park or down the K-96 Bike Path.

No need to RSVP; just show up on Sunday, and we'll leave from there at 9:30.

I hope you can join me.


Bobby Rozzell said...

I corrected the time to 9:00am. Douglas regrets the error but Main is ambivalent.

John B. said...

Heh. Thanks, Bobby (and Douglas). Main will come around, I'm sure.

coppercorn said...

John, we can't make it Sunday but I think it's a great idea. We've been meaning to go back to the Great Plains Nature Center and ride around the paths there.

John B. said...

Thanks for the affirmation. I'm thinking that this could be a monthly outing if there's interest in such a thing. So, maybe in October?

jdollar said...

I hope you have a great turn out and that the whether cooperates. Unfortunately, and also fortunately, I have other bicycling obligations. If you guys ride the K-96 bike path I think you’ll enjoy it. I’ve only ridden to the southern end once, but it was a good experience. I’ll look forward to the post event posts!