Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Make a pledge, (maybe) win a bike

Recent visitors here may have noticed the widget for 1 World 2 Wheels over in the right gutter. My motives in adding it are almost but not entirely altruistic.

As the title of this post states, from now until the end of August, if you pledge to cycle a certain number of miles per week, you become eligible to enter the daily drawing for a Trek 7.2 FX that's being given away each day until the end of the month. So, hurry up and enter and keep alive my streak of never winning anything so grand.


Cordelia said...

I know you love your Fuji, but I hope you win a bike. I have the 7.5 FX (women's design), and it's dreamy. As you can guess, I have no incentive to enter, but I can promise you this: my luck in contests of this sort is so bad, that your odds of winning will go up the minute I enter my pledge.

John B. said...

Well, Cordelia: to paraphrase mayor Daley of Chicago, "Enter early and often."

Actually, I've given some thought to what I would do if I were to win one. You're right in that I'm perfectly happy with my bike and, besides, I have no room for two bikes. I have some ideas, but there's no point in saying anything before the fact.