Monday, August 4, 2008

So--how are things going here?

I'm pleased and humbled to note the gradual increase in visitors--especially local ones--to this site. They clearly aren't coming here because of this place's years-long presence in the blogosphere or its reputation for being [TV announcer's baritone here] "Wichita's Cycling News Authority." No--they're coming here because people around town are getting interested in cycling as a serious, practical mode of transportation, and they're interested in knowing what sort of online resources, what sort of community, virtual or otherwise, exists in Wichita. And for better or for worse--I'll let them be the judges of their fortunes--they've found this blog.

To them I say, Welcome. But I also want to say that no one should regard this blog as some sort of final destination for information on cycling here in town. That's way more ambitious--not to mention pretentious--than I aspire for this blog to be. As I note over in the copy at the head of the right gutter, you really should also have a look at the links to city sites, local dealers, cycling clubs and blogs in the area, if you want really practical information. I learn much from them, too.

The other small hope I have is that I can both stay on top of and encourage visitors here to get involved with cycling-advocacy issues here in town as they arise and I/we learn of them. One easy way to begin that is to mention again the WAMPO survey of prioritizing transportation infrastructure issues that I linked to here and encourage you to participate if you haven't already.

Anyway. Again, welcome. Thanks for visiting. Have a look around. I hope this place will be useful to you as you explore the small-for-now world of cycling in Wichita . . . and inspire you to help make that world a little bigger (and friendlier).


Todd said...

John, I'm loving it. As a brand new biker (I just picked up a Giant Cypress on Saturday), I love the resources you've provided. Thanks for what you do.

John B. said...

Thanks for the kind words--and congrats on the bike. I look forward to hearing how bike-commuting works out for you.

rebmoti said...

Don't be shy, John - you are _totally_ the premier blogger on biking in Wichita. Own it!

Got the Raleighs back from the shop - they feel good but it's too hot to ride much! Hopefully we'll go around a little later in the week when the weather gets a little more reasonable.

John B. said...

You are too kind.

You're right about the heat, too. I'd like to ride out to the WSU library and get some work done there, but I just can't stand the prospect of the heat on the ride back. I see there's a break in the heat on Wednesday and Thursday (rain moving in), so maybe then . . .

Trihardist said...

Seriously? Wichita is the third-worst US city for cyclists? For some reason, that surprises me. I've never been hit by a car in Wichita. Well, not while bicycling, anyway.

John B. said...

Welcome, first of all.
Actually, Wichita has the third-lowest percentage of people who commute by bicycle. And as I'm sure you've noticed, historically the city's not exactly encouraged that percentage to go higher. So, that rating doesn't refer to a level of danger for cyclists.
But I've not (yet) been hit by a car, either. In fact, my experience has been very positive thus far. My hope is that it'll stay that way and, if at all possible, get better for more people.